Mission Statement

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to provide an incomparable level of service to all people no matter how big or small their trouble may be. We expect to provide this level of service to every customer at every call.

Our Focus

Our focus is YOU, our customer. Our standards drive us to be wholey focused on you and your problem. Our intent is to provide you with incomparable service at a fair price. We expect to perform at or exceed your expectations with enthusiasm and the willingness to serve your needs.

Our Formula for Success

Our formula for success starts with a "win" for our customers. In order for our customers to "win" they need to be extremely satisfied with the service that we provide. In fact, so pleased they are willing to tell friends and family members about their experience with JG Plumbing and Heating. The second part of our formula is to ensure that the community's we serve "wins". We do this by striving to be a business of choice. In order to be a business of choice, We aim to do this by making our company an active member in each community we serve throughout Central Wisconsin.

When our customers and their communities win, then JG Plumbing and Heating will win as well.

License Numbers

Master Plumber # 888578

HVAC # 1285400